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1 qst201822_msg0001 84 So you met Gox but he wouldn't talk to you at all?
2 qst201822_msg0002 84 No, he wasn't being even slightly helpful.
3 qst201822_msg0003 84 Huh, OK, so he chased you away...
4 qst201822_msg0004 84 Well, it's not unheard of. Us Phonexes are usually wary of strangers, after all.
5 qst201822_msg0005 84 It's not easy to earn our trust. Especially when it comes to humans or Blades...
6 qst201822_msg0006 84 Is that right...? Not even poor old me...
7 qst201822_msg0007 84 Oh, but don't get down in the dumps. You should be fine if you just bring him something to eat.
8 qst201822_msg0008 84 Phonexes like Pinfins a whole lot!
9 qst201822_msg0009 84 If you give him that, I'm sure his mood'll improve greatly!
10 qst201822_msg0010 84 I see! So food is the key! Why didn't I think of that?!
11 qst201822_msg0011 84 Thanks for the advice!
12 qst201822_msg0012 84 OK team, let's go track down some of that thing that Phonexes like!