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1 qst201814_msg0001 84 Are you all right?!
2 qst201814_msg0002 84 You've come to help? About time...
3 qst201814_msg0003 84 Yeah, any longer and we'd have been eaten!
4 qst201814_msg0004 84 Thank you!
5 qst201814_msg0005 84 No thanks are needed! I'm just glad you're all safe.
6 qst201814_msg0006 84 Ah, I almost forgot! Is someone here named Pex?
7 qst201814_msg0007 84 Did you say Pex? I'm Pex... How do you know my name?
8 qst201814_msg0008 84 Mix, in Fonsett Village, asked us to find you!
9 qst201814_msg0009 84 Mix did?!
10 qst201814_msg0010 84 That's right! She's been worried sick about you!
11 qst201814_msg0011 84 Oh, that's bad... I never meant to worry her...
12 qst201814_msg0012 84 What's the reason you went on this country-hopping journey, Pex?
13 qst201814_msg0013 84 From what I hear, you've been visiting the various Phonex communities and talking to their young people?
14 qst201814_msg0014 84 I'll tell you. I've been gathering Phonexes-in-arms to eradicate monsters.
15 qst201814_msg0015 84 You want to fight monsters?
16 qst201814_msg0016 84 Yes!
17 qst201814_msg0017 84 You say you met Mix in Fonsett, right?
18 qst201814_msg0018 84 She's... Ever since she's been attacked by a big bad monster I call the Demon King, she's been afraid to get out.
19 qst201814_msg0019 84 Because of that, she can't even get back to her family in the village. She's been stuck for so long now.
20 qst201814_msg0020 84 I want to defeat the Demon King and free Mix from her isolation!
21 qst201814_msg0039 84 But I'd never manage alone... So I went around the world, picking up strong Phonexes to fight with me.
22 qst201814_msg0021 84 Wow, that's some story...
23 qst201814_msg0022 84 But I guess my traveling is over. My mission is a success!
24 qst201814_msg0023 84 ...Is that right? So I guess you've found who you were looking for!
25 qst201814_msg0024 84 Well, don't be coy! Introduce me!
26 qst201814_msg0025 84 Um...
27 qst201814_msg0040 84 Well? What's wrong?
28 qst201814_msg0026 84 Well, OK. The powerful ally I met at the end of my long and perilous journey...
29 qst201814_msg0028 84 That's you, Nim!
30 qst201814_msg0029 84 Won't you come back to Leftheria with us and help us defeat the Demon King in his lair on the Isle of Urchon?!
31 qst201814_msg0030 84 Whuh? Me?!
32 qst201814_msg0031 84 Hold up, hold up. I'm just Nim! I've not got that kinda...
33 qst201814_msg0032 84 No, come on! I've seen your blinding agility and your unstoppable headbutt!
34 qst201814_msg0033 84 There's no way the Demon King can stand against you!
35 qst201814_msg0034 84 Uhhh, but...
36 qst201814_msg0035 84 Please! You're our only hope, Nim, mine and Mix's!
37 qst201814_msg0036 84 ...OK, I'll do it! I mean, we've come this far, right? Might as well see this thing through!
38 qst201814_msg0037 84 Leave it to me and my Driver! We'll do whatever's in our power!
39 qst201814_msg0038 84 That Demon King in his lair on the Isle of Urchon won't know what hit him!