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1 qst201813_msg0001 84 Pex... Where could you be...?
2 qst201813_msg0002 84 Uh, hi? Hello? You look kinda forlorn... Did something happen?
3 qst201813_msg0003 84 Yeeeek?! You can understand me?
4 qst201813_msg0004 84 Yes! Yes, I can.
5 qst201813_msg0005 84 ...Hm, yes, I can see you're different from other people...
6 qst201813_msg0006 84 You might actually be more like us!
7 qst201813_msg0007 84 All you need to know is that you can tell me about anything that's bothering you.
8 qst201813_msg0008 84 ...Well, OK then. You see, I have this childhood friend named Pex.
9 qst201813_msg0009 84 However, he went off some time ago and has yet to come back.
10 qst201813_msg0010 84 He doesn't seem to be in the village, and I can't very well go off looking for him myself...
11 qst201813_msg0011 84 I'm worried he might've gotten wrapped up in some bad stuff.
12 qst201813_msg0012 84 Yes, it makes sense! Don't worry, Nim'll sort it out!
13 qst201813_msg0013 84 Really?!
14 qst201813_msg0014 84 Absolutely! Just leave it to me!
15 qst201813_msg0015 84 I bet I know what happened.
16 qst201813_msg0016 84 I'm sure Pex has been taken away by Ardainians!
17 qst201813_msg0017 84 What?!
18 qst201813_msg0018 84 Yeah, it's clear as day. Have you seen the weird gizmos they put on Titans? Ardainians can't possibly be good guys!
19 qst201813_msg0039 84 But don't worry, I'll make things right!
20 qst201813_msg0019 84 But... We haven't seen any Ardainians around, so it seems pretty unlikely...
21 qst201813_msg0020 84 No, I'm dead certain!
22 qst201813_msg0021 84 Poor little Pex... He must be so afraid, shivering and alone somewhere!
23 qst201813_msg0022 84 Mix, you wait here!
24 qst201813_msg0023 84 Y-yes, OK... I can count on you, then?
25 qst201813_msg0024 84 That's all well and good, but we can't just go off blindly.
26 qst201813_msg0025 84 Maybe someone'll know something...
27 qst201813_msg0026 84 I suggest you visit our village, then.
28 qst201813_msg0027 84 Pex might have passed through there at some point...
29 qst201813_msg0028 84 There's a Phonex village?
30 qst201813_msg0029 84 Yes! It's in Ysheva Harbor. That's where Pex and I were born.
31 qst201813_msg0030 84 Would you be able to show us the way?
32 qst201813_msg0031 84 I'd love to, but, uh, that's...
33 qst201813_msg0032 84 Really scary monsters appear on the road to the village sometimes.
34 qst201813_msg0033 84 They even went after me once...
35 qst201813_msg0034 84 I've been afraid to go back, frankly. I'd rather just hang out here.
36 qst201813_msg0035 84 That's so terrible...
37 qst201813_msg0036 84 Anyway, I'm on it.
38 qst201813_msg0037 84 Ysheva Harbor you said, right? We'll go ask around!
39 qst201813_msg0038 84 Thank you so much! Pex's life is in your hands...