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1 qst201808_msg0001 84 Hi there! Mind if I bend your ear a minute?
2 qst201808_msg0002 84 Are they Cobalt Eels?! Can I have some?
3 qst201808_msg0003 84 Hold your horses, buddy, I wanna talk first!
4 qst201808_msg0004 84 C'mon, I'll tell you anything, just gimme! Gimme!
5 qst201808_msg0005 84 Oh, cut the dramatics. There's plenty to go around.
6 qst201808_msg0006 84 Here, and make sure to share them with everyone!
7 qst201808_msg0007 84 Yum! Nosh! So darn tasty!
8 qst201808_msg0008 84 Um, right, so...
9 qst201808_msg0009 84 Ah, yes! You wanted to talk?
10 qst201808_msg0010 84 A Phonex called Pex was supposed to come here, to Uraya...
11 qst201808_msg0011 84 Would you mind telling us if you know anything?
12 qst201808_msg0012 84 Ah, the guy from Leftheria?
13 qst201808_msg0013 84 So you do know something!
14 qst201808_msg0014 84 Sure thing! Crossing the Cloud Sea with no regard for the risks involved takes a special kind of courage.
15 qst201808_msg0015 84 Kids like him surely deserve to be called heroes!
16 qst201808_msg0016 84 Do you know where Pex is now?
17 qst201808_msg0017 84 Ah, see, I'd thought he was just talking to his friends, but then he goes and declares he's going to Temperantia.
18 qst201808_msg0018 84 Kept talking about looking for hardened companions for a bit, then off he went, some kids in tow.
19 qst201808_msg0020 84 Temperantia?!
20 qst201808_msg0021 84 If I recall, weren't there Ardainian troops stationed in Temperantia?
21 qst201808_msg0022 84 Yes, that is correct...
22 qst201808_msg0023 84 That's bad! That's really very bad!
23 qst201808_msg0024 84 If Ardainians catch them, they might eat them, or worse yet, skin them!
24 qst201808_msg0025 84 We must hurry to their rescue!
25 qst201808_msg0026 84 ...Nim, you're exaggerating again.
26 qst201808_msg0027 84 Please, relax. The Ardainian Armed Forces pose no threat to Phonexes.
27 qst201808_msg0028 84 You can't know that!
28 qst201808_msg0029 84 This is Ardainians we're talking about! Architect only knows what they'll do!
29 qst201808_msg0030 84 We have to go, now! Let's move!