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1 qst201713_msg0010 84 Put this here... Twist that...
2 qst201713_msg0011 84 All fixed!
3 qst201713_msg0012 84 Well done, Newt!
4 qst201713_msg0013 84 It wasn't all me. I couldn't have done it without your help, Rex!
5 qst201713_msg0014 84 Thank you so much!
6 qst201713_msg0015 84 Oh, give over. When your friends need help, you help them. That's just how it goes, you know?
7 qst201713_msg0016 84 Anyway, now that you've finished we should go and report to the Grand Marshal.
8 qst201713_msg0017 84 You're right! Let's go find the Grand Marshal!