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1 qst201709_0010 82 What is happening here?
2 qst201709_0020 82 What the hell? Don't tell me the training exercise is still going on.
3 qst201709_0030 82 I get it, I get it.
4 qst201709_0040 82 I seem to remember we weren't the only ones playing the bad guys, right?
5 qst201709_0050 82 I'm sorry to ruin your fun everybody, but we have already secured this area!
6 qst201709_0060 82 The training exercise is over.
7 qst201709_0070 82 Huh?! Just calm down a bit and look at us, will you? Hello! We're on the same team!
8 qst201709_0080 82 Um, Newt, it looks like these blighters aren't playing around...
9 qst201709_0090 82 I can see that...
10 qst201709_0100 82 These thugs must be hoping to take advantage of the training exercise to try and assassinate the Emperor then?
11 qst201709_0110 82 Doesn't look like they wanna talk, but that's where my money is!
12 qst201709_0120 82 We can't let them lay a finger on His Majesty!
13 qst201709_0130 82 Obviously!
14 qst201709_0140 82 I may be only one Blade...
15 qst201709_0150 82 But you'd have to cut off all four of my arms before I let His Majesty the Emperor come to any harm!