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1 qst201704_msg0001 84 Excuse me, Grand Marshal! I've come to make a report about my repairs!
2 qst201704_msg0002 84 My apologies, Newt, but the report will have to wait.
3 qst201704_msg0003 84 You look troubled, Grand Marshal. Is there some problem?
4 qst201704_msg0004 84 Yes. It appears that a couple of Ship-Eating Taos have taken up residence on the Titan Warship's wings.
5 qst201704_msg0005 84 So at present I am pressed to find a solution to this infestation.
6 qst201704_msg0006 84 Ship-Eating Taos?!
7 qst201704_msg0007 84 What the hell?! We gotta go drive them away!
8 qst201704_msg0008 84 I know. We haven't just been standing around waiting for them to leave.
9 qst201704_msg0009 84 But the monsters are proving stronger than we anticipated and we're a little stumped as to how to proceed.
10 qst201704_msg0010 84 Hmm.
11 qst201704_msg0011 84 Grand Marshal! Permission to make a suggestion?
12 qst201704_msg0012 84 Go on, Newt.
13 qst201704_msg0013 84 Would you allow me to take care of the Ship-Eating Taos?
14 qst201704_msg0014 84 You?
15 qst201704_msg0015 84 I'm doubtful that even one such as you could take on a brace of Ship-Eating Taos...
16 qst201704_msg0016 84 But if we don't do something about them, who knows what could happen.
17 qst201704_msg0017 84 They could cause serious damage to the ship if left unchecked!
18 qst201704_msg0018 84 So just let me at 'em!
19 qst201704_msg0019 84 Have you learned nothing, Newt?!
20 qst201704_msg0020 84 Grand Marshal. Will you entrust this task to us?
21 qst201704_msg0021 84 Mòrag... Perhaps. But...
22 qst201704_msg0022 84 It's all good, pal.
23 qst201704_msg0023 84 Newt's power is unparalleled.
24 qst201704_msg0024 84 Besides, she's got Thunderbolt Zeke and the Flamebringer at her side.
25 qst201704_msg0025 84 This should be more than enough to flush out a couple of vermin.
26 qst201704_msg0026 84 Very well. Good luck.