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1 qst201614_msg0001 84 Hey, Miss! Lovely to see you again!
2 qst201614_msg0002 84 It's you, from before...
3 qst201614_msg0003 84 You know what? I've been practicing a lot since then!
4 qst201614_msg0004 84 I've totally learned to sing and play the Torigonda at the same time!
5 qst201614_msg0005 84 I've heard you've been singing all around the world, too, Miss...
6 qst201614_msg0006 84 So I thought I'd better apply myself, and practiced a lot!
7 qst201614_msg0007 84 ...Oh my...
8 qst201614_msg0008 84 Hey, Miss...?
9 qst201614_msg0009 84 Would you mind listening to my song?
10 qst201614_msg0010 84 ...Not at all. Please, go ahead.
11 qst201614_msg0011 84 Oh, that's really lovely...
12 qst201614_msg0012 84 That means the world to me, coming from the most awesome person on Alrest right now.
13 qst201614_msg0013 84 No, no... It wasn't flattery.
14 qst201614_msg0014 84 You looked so joyful when you played, that you filled me with joy too...
15 qst201614_msg0015 84 I felt your joy as well, when you sang in the streets of Torigoth!
16 qst201614_msg0016 84 My song gave
17 qst201614_msg0017 84 I've heard you're worried about your singing, Miss. Is that true?
18 qst201614_msg0018 84 'Cos, you know, I think it'd be fine if you sang just the way you want, just like you did in Torigoth.
19 qst201614_msg0019 84 Don't mind the people or the stage. What you need to do, Miss, is put your feelings into the song, then let it go.
20 qst201614_msg0020 84 ...Yes, you're right. You're absolutely right.
21 qst201614_msg0021 84 I don't need to get worked up about the people who've come to listen...
22 qst201614_msg0022 84 I just have to stay true to myself and sing!
23 qst201614_msg0023 84 Yes! Yes! That's it, right there!
24 qst201614_msg0024 84 Feeling better now, Ursula?
25 qst201614_msg0025 84 ...Yes. I think I'm going to sing now!
26 qst201614_msg0026 84 Tora looking forward!
27 qst201614_msg0027 84 Teetapz also sure, if Ursula sing as she always do, success is guaranteed.
28 qst201614_msg0028 84 Yes... I'll do my best!
29 qst201614_msg0029 84 My song... I hope the world's ready for it!