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1 qst201605_msg0001 84 All skills now at level two!
2 qst201605_msg0002 84 That mean is time to stand on stage and give performance!
3 qst201605_msg0003 84 Wha-?! N-no, you can't just spring this on me!
4 qst201605_msg0004 84 Everybody have to start somewhere!
5 qst201605_msg0005 84 Is important to gain experience, too!
6 qst201605_msg0006 84 But I can't...
7 qst201605_msg0007 84 Teetapz know what friend thinking! Not to worry, Teetapz take care of all organizational tasks!
8 qst201605_msg0008 84 Venue will be right here in Rumbletum Canteen!
9 qst201605_msg0009 84 Teetapz have some business to take care of. Will go on ahead.
10 qst201605_msg0010 84 Friend Ursula should also get ready.
11 qst201605_msg0011 84 H-how long till I have to be ready...?
12 qst201605_msg0012 84 Not long at all!
13 qst201605_msg0013 84 Me hope everyone gather in Rumbletum Canteen imminently.
14 qst201605_msg0014 84 O, oh... Now I've done it...
15 qst201605_msg0015 84 Where Ursula gone?
16 qst201605_msg0016 84 Friend should bring Ursula here. Have important thing to tell!