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1 qst201604_msg0001 84 Oho, friend Ursula! Thank you for coming, everything now taken care of!
2 qst201604_msg0002 84 So, so, first please come here and sign contract document.
3 qst201604_msg0003 84 Is there any chance we are being deceived...?
4 qst201604_msg0004 84 Poppi also find this shady. Something not smell right.
5 qst201604_msg0005 84 It'll be fine, don't worry so much! Look, it took Ursula a while to get into this idea...
6 qst201604_msg0006 84 But now she's got a chance to share her talent with the world!
7 qst201604_msg0007 84 We should be more supportive.
8 qst201604_msg0008 84 I guess if there's any problems, we can deal with them as and when.
9 qst201604_msg0009 84 Very good! Now contract all set!
10 qst201604_msg0010 84 We can begin with building foundation of stardom!
11 qst201604_msg0011 84 Friend Ursula, we will pick up pace, so try to not fall behind, eh?
12 qst201604_msg0012 84 A-absolutely!
13 qst201604_msg0013 84 First of all, we need voice that captivate audience... we need powerful vocal!
14 qst201604_msg0014 84 Next, we also need powerful image which draw attention!
15 qst201604_msg0015 84 And finally, to stay calm on stage, we need powerful spirit!
16 qst201604_msg0016 84 Not to worry, Teetapz teach friend all about it!
17 qst201604_msg0017 84 Y-yes, sir.
18 qst201604_msg0018 84 For time being, we say friend Ursula is level one across all fields.
19 qst201604_msg0019 84 That's harsh...
20 qst201604_msg0020 84 In case friend Nia curious, Nia have vocals level minus five, image level negative two, and soul level five.
21 qst201604_msg0021 84 Watch it!
22 qst201604_msg0022 84 Me kid, me kid. Anyway, first goal is raise all areas to level two.
23 qst201604_msg0023 84 If friend want to know levels, just talk to Teetapz.
24 qst201604_msg0024 84 All right! Let lessons begin!