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1 qst201603_msg0001 84 A moment of friends' time, please?
2 qst201603_msg0002 84 Me-meh? Who is friend?
3 qst201603_msg0003 84 Me am Tipitapi, music producer.
4 qst201603_msg0004 84 Some people find name bit on nose, so instead everyone call me Teetapz. Pleased to make acquaintance.
5 qst201603_msg0005 84 Right, so, uh... Teetapz, what do you want?
6 qst201603_msg0006 84 Want? Oh, me just become captivated by song of this here young lady...
7 qst201603_msg0007 84 Young lady... You mean Ursula?
8 qst201603_msg0008 84 Oh-ho! So name of friend is Ursula!
9 qst201603_msg0009 84 Friend Ursula, me feel enraptured when hear your song!
10 qst201603_msg0010 84 Teetapz think friend's song could bring all of Alrest to knees!
11 qst201603_msg0011 84 What friend think? How about capture hearts of world with me?
12 qst201603_msg0012 84 ...I...
13 qst201603_msg0013 84 Friend Ursula! Your song have immense power!
14 qst201603_msg0014 84 ...I... Couldn't possibly... I'm too... shy...and it's all just too much...
15 qst201603_msg0015 84 Nonono, please! Such wonderful song deserve to be sung!
16 qst201603_msg0016 84 Me sure everything go splendidly!
17 qst201603_msg0017 84 ...But...
18 qst201603_msg0018 84 ...Why don't you give it a try, Ursula?
19 qst201603_msg0019 84 B-but...
20 qst201603_msg0020 84 No, I agree! Just do it!
21 qst201603_msg0021 84 You're shy, and that's fine, but this'd be a chance to try something different!
22 qst201603_msg0022 84 That's...true, but I didn't think I needed anything different...
23 qst201603_msg0023 84 You've all become my friends, and it's great to just talk...
24 qst201603_msg0024 84 And I've been holding my own in battles, helping our side...
25 qst201603_msg0025 84 But the idea of singing just feels...
26 qst201603_msg0026 84 Fine! Is fine! Tora also want to hear Ursula sing more.
27 qst201603_msg0027 84 I wouldn't mind another listen either.
28 qst201603_msg0028 84 ...Mmm... If you're all sure...then... I guess I could give it a try...
29 qst201603_msg0029 84 That great news! Then let us make preparations quickly!
30 qst201603_msg0030 84 Studio of Teetapz is located in Argentum, not far from Rumbletum Canteen.
31 qst201603_msg0031 84 Me go on ahead and lay plans. When friends ready, come meet!
32 qst201603_msg0032 84 Hey, Miss!
33 qst201603_msg0033 84 You'll be singing again, won't you?
34 qst201603_msg0034 84 Yes, it... seems I will...
35 qst201603_msg0035 84 Then here! Take this Torigonda.
36 qst201603_msg0036 84 Huh?
37 qst201603_msg0037 84 You played her with such joy and zeal, I think she'd be more than happy for you to use her again!
38 qst201603_msg0038 84 Are you sure...?
39 qst201603_msg0039 84 I toldja before, didn't I? We make Torigondas, so we've got loads more back home.
40 qst201603_msg0040 84 Da said it was a masterpiece when he'd finished it, but with so many he won't even notice it's gone.
41 qst201603_msg0041 84 That's... Mmm...
42 qst201603_msg0042 84 Don't worry about it, I say. Anyway, you'll need an instrument, won't you?
43 qst201603_msg0043 84 ...OK then. But let's just call it a loan.
44 qst201603_msg0044 84 I'll be sure to return it some day.
45 qst201603_msg0045 84 It really needn't be a big deal...
46 qst201603_msg0046 84 But fine, as you wish! If that's what you want, Miss, then OK.
47 qst201603_msg0047 84 Mmm. Thank you...
48 qst201603_msg0048 84 I really hope I can hear you play again sometime soon!