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1 qst201507_msg0001 84 It's really quiet. Maybe no one's home?
2 qst201507_msg0002 84 No, they're there all right.
3 qst201507_msg0003 84 And they've been there the whole time I was monitoring.
4 qst201507_msg0005 84 What the plan? We charge in, take bad man by surprise?
5 qst201507_msg0006 84 Smash door wide open with special missile attack from Poppi?
6 qst201507_msg0007 84 Whoa whoa, hold on! We don't want to go and blow the place sky high!
7 qst201507_msg0008 84 No missiles? Aww. Poppi was looking forward to big explosive entrance...
8 qst201507_msg0009 84 As I recall, there should be a Nopon cleaning lady on duty. She'll know what's going on inside.
9 qst201507_msg0010 84 So it's just a matter of asking this Nopon cleaner then. Great, let's go and find her!
10 qst201507_msg0011 84 She only comes out early in the morning. That will be our chance to get a hold of her.
11 qst201507_msg0012 84 Wow. Azami know everything. Maybe too much everything...
12 qst201507_msg0013 84 Oh, there's plenty of things I don't know. I only learn by watching from the shadows...