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1 qst201504_msg0001 84 Now then, care to tell us what the deal is with these flowers you've been picking?
2 qst201504_msg0002 84 ...Hmph.
3 qst201504_msg0003 84 Giving the silent treatment, are we? You must really enjoy pain.
4 qst201504_msg0004 84 Leave him be, Azami. He won't talk.
5 qst201504_msg0005 84 Then what would you propose?
6 qst201504_msg0006 84 What about those wooden crates? Let's have a look in there.
7 qst201504_msg0007 84 That's where they seem to have been putting all the flowers...
8 qst201504_msg0009 84 We may find out what's going on here if we examine the flowers themselves.