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1 qst201414_msg0001 84 Ah, we're kinda in a bind here.
2 qst201414_msg0002 84 Yeah. No kidding...
3 qst201414_msg0003 84 Every bout so far has ended in a draw. Who'd have thought it?
4 qst201414_msg0004 84 At this rate, the sun'll be up before we know who's got the most Girl Power.
5 qst201414_msg0005 84 I'm sure the next person who comes by will be able to help us...
6 qst201414_msg0006 84 Let's agree to just go with whatever they say...
7 qst201414_msg0007 84 Got it!
8 qst201414_msg0008 84 Nia!
9 qst201414_msg0009 84 Good timing, girl!
10 qst201414_msg0010 84 Huh? What is it...? I dunno if I'm up for any more of your weird games...
11 qst201414_msg0011 84 No, it's nothing strange!
12 qst201414_msg0012 84 We just want you to tell us who has the most Girl Power. Me, or Kora?
13 qst201414_msg0013 84 Girl...Power...?
14 qst201414_msg0014 84 Huh? You still aren't done with your stupid contest yet?
15 qst201414_msg0015 84 Hey, c'mon. Just give us an answer. Don't hold back! Just serve it as it comes!
16 qst201414_msg0016 84 Out with it, Nia!
17 qst201414_msg0017 84 It's me, right? I've got the most Girl Power.
18 qst201414_msg0018 84 No way! I've got more Girl Power in my little finger!
19 qst201414_msg0019 84 You need to back that up with something, Mythra! All your Girl Power's in your mouth!
20 qst201414_msg0020 84 That's what you think, right, Nia?
21 qst201414_msg0021 84 NO! That's not what you think at all, is it, Nia?
22 qst201414_msg0022 84 ...
23 qst201414_msg0023 84 OK. I decided...
24 qst201414_msg0024 84 Who is it?
25 qst201414_msg0025 84 Gulp...!
26 qst201414_msg0026 84 I decided...not to take part in this bloody farce!
27 qst201414_msg0027 84 Nia!
28 qst201414_msg0028 84 Wait!