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1 qst201407_msg0001 84 Oh, Mythra and Kora! Could you be in the midst of your big Girl-off?
2 qst201407_msg0002 84 Oh! Pandoria!
3 qst201407_msg0003 84 We need you to judge us on our Girl Power-driven chatting skills.
4 qst201407_msg0004 84 Sounds fun. I'm game.
5 qst201407_msg0005 84 So what do we talk about?
6 qst201407_msg0006 84 So far we've done favorite foods and... romance-talk...
7 qst201407_msg0007 84 Oh yeah? Romance-talk, huh?
8 qst201407_msg0008 84 So... Do you two have a certain special someone in your sights?
9 qst201407_msg0009 84 Ah, well that's certainly an interesting topic...but there's no one right now.
10 qst201407_msg0010 84 Erm...same here.
11 qst201407_msg0011 84 Oh, Mythra... You're a closed book, aren't you?
12 qst201407_msg0012 84 I think there is someone. A certain...
13 qst201407_msg0013 84 NO! There's no one. I swear!
14 qst201407_msg0014 84 What about you, Pandoria? Who do you like?
15 qst201407_msg0015 84 Yeah! 'Fess up!
16 qst201407_msg0016 84 What about Zeke? Do you think that could go somewhere?
17 qst201407_msg0017 84 N-no! I...I don't think of the Prince like that!
18 qst201407_msg0018 84 He's so pig-headed and insensitive. Nothing gets through to him.
19 qst201407_msg0019 84 I think you must have been paying a fair bit of attention to him, to make an observation like that.
20 qst201407_msg0020 84 C'mon! What do you really think about the ol' Zekenator? Spill it!
21 qst201407_msg0021 84 NO! I won't...
22 qst201407_msg0022 84 I won't tell you!
23 qst201407_msg0023 84 There she goes.
24 qst201407_msg0024 84 Pandoria's surprisingly shy, huh.
25 qst201407_msg0025 84 Well, we've lost another judge. I guess it's another draw.
26 qst201407_msg0026 84 Oh, well. Can't be helped!