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1 qst201406_msg0001 84 Hello Mythra. Hello Kora. What are Mythra and Kora doing?
2 qst201406_msg0002 84 Poppi! You turned up at just the right time!
3 qst201406_msg0003 84 As it happens, Kora and I are facing off to see who has the most Girl Power. We'd like to ask you to judge.
4 qst201406_msg0004 84 Understood! Poppi here to help!
5 qst201406_msg0005 84 Poppi's just the sort to give us an impartial measurement of our Girl Power!
6 qst201406_msg0006 84 OK! We can talk about some real girl stuff now. Who we're into!
7 qst201406_msg0007 84 That's what it's all about, huh?
8 qst201406_msg0008 84 Kora... Can't you change it up a bit? You're obsessed with this topic...
9 qst201406_msg0009 84 How about you, Poppi?
10 qst201406_msg0010 84 Hey, I'd be pretty curious to hear how you'd answer that, Poppi!
11 qst201406_msg0011 84 Poppi not really sure what Kora is talking about.
12 qst201406_msg0012 84 We're telling each other who our special someone is, Poppi.
13 qst201406_msg0013 84 I mean, like, who do you like...
14 qst201406_msg0014 84 Poppi likes everyone!
15 qst201406_msg0015 84 Ah, no... That's not what she means.
16 qst201406_msg0016 84 Poppi think Girl Power have other aspects. Like organizing life and fulfilling goals.
17 qst201406_msg0017 84 Poppi have extensive sub-routines and software libraries for making life successful.
18 qst201406_msg0018 84 Based on criteria like task-completion, punctuality and efficiency, Poppi have much Girl Power.
19 qst201406_msg0019 84 Erm...I guess she's right...
20 qst201406_msg0020 84 Ah...yeah, I have a bit of a blind spot for that sort of thing.
21 qst201406_msg0021 84 So according to Poppi's calculations, winner is Poppi! Please applaud!
22 qst201406_msg0022 84 Hey...we can't settle it just like that!
23 qst201406_msg0023 84 Yeah... We've got no hope of winning against Poppi's robotic brain.
24 qst201406_msg0024 84 Looks like another draw.
25 qst201406_msg0025 84 Yup.