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1 qst201405_msg0025 84 Hmmm... It's kind of quiet.
2 qst201405_msg0026 84 Looks like everyone's just hanging back in their rooms.
3 qst201405_msg0001 84 Well, we may as well pass the time... Mythra. Why don't you ask me what my favorite food is?
4 qst201405_msg0027 84 OK! Well... Kora, what is your favorite food?
5 qst201405_msg0002 84 My favorite food is...wait for it... Blossom Custard!
6 qst201405_msg0003 84 I like the little white flowers inside. And it has this appealing wobbly texture to it.
7 qst201405_msg0004 84 It's smooth and sweet when it hits your tongue...
8 qst201405_msg0005 84 Yeah...I don't think it'd be hyperbole to say that foods like Blossom Custard boost one's Girl Power by 1,000%.
9 qst201405_msg0006 84 Hey, come on. You're exaggerating, again.
10 qst201405_msg0007 84 Huh? Well, how about you, Mythra?
11 qst201405_msg0008 84 For me, it's gotta be Cloud Sea Crab Sticks!
12 qst201405_msg0009 84 Seriously?
13 qst201405_msg0010 84 Yeah! Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside!
14 qst201405_msg0011 84 If you ask me, it's the best way to get the full flavor of Cloud Sea crab!
15 qst201405_msg0012 84 No no no, c'mon... You can't seriously... Crab sticks? Really? They're just a bit...
16 qst201405_msg0013 84 Well, to be honest, they're the kind of thing that brings your Girl Power down instead of boosting it.
17 qst201405_msg0014 84 Hey! What's wrong with Cloud Sea Crab Sticks? They're lovely!
18 qst201405_msg0015 84 Kora. Don't you think going crazy over sweet things is a bit, well...basic?
19 qst201405_msg0016 84 Well, I.M.H.O., they're a lot better than fishy old crab sticks!
20 qst201405_msg0017 84 I think we can both agree I won this round. I've got the most Girl Power.
21 qst201405_msg0018 84 I think not!
22 qst201405_msg0019 84 I hardly think we can declare a winner without a judge!
23 qst201405_msg0020 84 And this wasn't really a proper test... It was just a bit of chit-chat. You can't just make up rules like that!
24 qst201405_msg0021 84 Yeah, I guess you're right.
25 qst201405_msg0022 84 Hmmm... Doesn't look like anyone's going to show up though...
26 qst201405_msg0024 84 But we need to settle this!