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1 qst201327_msg0001 84 I thought this place seemed noisy all of a sudden. Are you here to rescue us?
2 qst201327_msg0002 84 Don't worry, I'm all right.
3 qst201327_msg0003 84 I was getting a bit worried, with the kids with potential shrinking in number and those without going off somewhere.
4 qst201327_msg0004 84 But I suppose everything will be all right now? Thank you very much!
5 qst201327_msg0005 84 So, I think that's the last of the kidnapped children, right?
6 qst201327_msg0006 84 Let's hurry back and meet up with Perun!
7 qst201327_msg0007 84 Looks like that's the last of the abducted kids.
8 qst201327_msg0008 84 We should go find Perun. She might be in trouble!
9 qst201327_msg0009 84 All kidnapped littlepon nice and safe now!
10 qst201327_msg0010 84 Time to go back see Perun!
11 qst201327_msg0011 84 I believe we have rescued all of the kidnapped children now.
12 qst201327_msg0012 84 Now, let us lend Perun our aid.
13 qst201327_msg0013 84 I reckon that's the last of the kidnapped children.
14 qst201327_msg0014 84 Now let's go find Perun. She might be in trouble!