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1 qst201316_msg0001 84 Are you all right?
2 qst201316_msg0002 84 Y-yeah... Thanks, nice lady.
3 qst201316_msg0003 84 You're perfectly welcome.
4 qst201316_msg0004 84 You seem to be Tantalese... How did you end up here?
5 qst201316_msg0005 84 Um, I... I just woke up here, I don't know how it happened...
6 qst201316_msg0006 84 I was scared, and I tried to make a run for it, but then that monster, it...
7 qst201316_msg0007 84 You just...woke up here?
8 qst201316_msg0008 84 I always thought that spiriting away stuff was just nonsense, but it's starting to sound more likely...
9 qst201316_msg0009 84 It's too early to say for sure.
10 qst201316_msg0010 84 For the moment, let's just head back to Fonsa Myma and report in to Dianna.
11 qst201316_msg0011 84 Agreed.
12 qst201316_msg0012 84 It doesn't seem likely, but there's always a chance this is one of the kids she's looking for.