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1 qst201315_msg0001 84 Is this where the kids were playing?
2 qst201315_msg0002 84 I can't see anything around here that would count as a clue...
3 qst201315_msg0003 84 No, nor can I.
4 qst201315_msg0004 84 But the sheer lack of clues itself points to the possibility that someone has been deliberately erasing any evidence.
5 qst201315_msg0005 84 Yeah, it does seem more likely it's the work of criminals, rather than being just a monster attack...
6 qst201315_msg0006 84 At any rate, let's keep looking. We still might find something.
7 qst201315_msg0007 84 Heeeelp!
8 qst201315_msg0008 84 That boy's being attacked by a monster!
9 qst201315_msg0009 84 Let's go help him!