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1 qst201311_msg0001 84 So you're Darryth the informant.
2 qst201311_msg0002 84 That's my name and that's my trade, yes. Some information you're after?
3 qst201311_msg0003 84 We're looking for any information you can provide about the incident with the disappearing children.
4 qst201311_msg0005 84 Ah, that nasty little business.
5 qst201311_msg0006 84 I've been looking into it already for some other clients, but it's bizarre how little information seems to be out there.
6 qst201311_msg0007 84 It's got to the point where everyone thinks they've been spirited away by supernatural forces or something.
7 qst201311_msg0008 84 So much as it pains me to admit it, I really don't have any information for you on that front. Sorry.
8 qst201311_msg0010 84 Oh... I see...
9 qst201311_msg0011 84 Sorry, did I just hear you talking about vanishing children?
10 qst201311_msg0012 84 Yes, we were. Why?
11 qst201311_msg0013 84 It's my daughter Maqqa... She said she was going out to play, but she still hasn't come back.
12 qst201311_msg0014 84 I can't seem to find any of the kids who were with her, either. It's like they've vanished into thin air...
13 qst201311_msg0015 84 I was just worrying that this might have something to do with all those scary spiritings away...
14 qst201311_msg0019 84 Do you know where your daughter went to play?
15 qst201311_msg0020 84 I'm afraid I'm not sure where she would have gone exactly...
16 qst201311_msg0021 84 Me and the other parents have been out looking for them...
17 qst201311_msg0022 84 Maybe some of the others would know more than I do.
18 qst201311_msg0023 84 In that case, we would like to ask the other parents a few questions. Do you know where we can find them?
19 qst201311_msg0024 84 Well, let's see... Lacie lives in the Entertainment District, and Celtie lives in the Commercial District.
20 qst201311_msg0025 84 Oh, and Daffydd should be somewhere around Gwenith Paddies. It'll be easiest if you go and find them directly.
21 qst201311_msg0026 84 Thank you very much. You've been a great help.
22 qst201311_msg0027 84 And don't worry - we will find your children without fail.
23 qst201311_msg0028 84 Really?!
24 qst201311_msg0029 84 Yes. You just sit tight and wait for their safe return.
25 qst201311_msg0030 84 Oh, thank you so much! I wish you the best of luck...
26 qst201311_msg0031 84 First things first, let's go find these other parents and ask them for clues.