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1 qst201302_msg0001 84 You saw the poster I put up? It would be so great if you could help!
2 qst201302_msg0002 84 The poster mentioned some missing children... What exactly has happened?
3 qst201302_msg0003 84 Just recently, my son and a bunch of other kids disappeared without a trace.
4 qst201302_msg0004 84 This isn't something that usually happens here on Goldmouth.
5 qst201302_msg0005 84 Me and the other parents got together and organized a search party, but there was no sign of them anywhere.
6 qst201302_msg0006 84 My wife's so worried about whether our son is safe, she can barely even work up the appetite to eat.
7 qst201302_msg0007 84 Of course...anyone would be worried in a situation like this.
8 qst201302_msg0008 84 To be frank, it's more than me and the other parents can handle, so we're looking for anyone who can help out.
9 qst201302_msg0009 84 And that's why you put up that poster?
10 qst201302_msg0010 84 Exactly.
11 qst201302_msg0011 84 Sorry to bother you, but could you help us find any clue to where the kids might have gone?
12 qst201302_msg0012 84 Absolutely. Don't worry - we'll bring those children home safe and sound.
13 qst201302_msg0013 84 That's mighty fine of you to say that.
14 qst201302_msg0014 84 Might I ask the name of your son?
15 qst201302_msg0015 84 He's called Siarmal.
16 qst201302_msg0016 84 He's a very curious, mischievous sort of boy, but he's an angel at heart.
17 qst201302_msg0021 84 I see...
18 qst201302_msg0017 84 I'm going to do another sweep of Goldmouth, so could you guys ask around on the ground floor?
19 qst201302_msg0018 84 The kids're always playing around the Exit Dock and the Return Port, so the merchants might have seen something.
20 qst201302_msg0019 84 Though of course, people are always coming and going from Argentum, so I doubt they'll remember everyone...
21 qst201302_msg0022 84 Thank you for the information. Leave the rest to me.
22 qst201302_msg0020 84 Thanks. I'm counting on you.