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1 qst201211_msg0001 84 Aw yeah! Something smells good!
2 qst201211_msg0002 84 So you really made them.
3 qst201211_msg0003 84 We did! Well? Look great, don't they?
4 qst201211_msg0004 84 I'll have you know, cookies are a cinch for someone like me!
5 qst201211_msg0005 84 It would have gone smoother if you didn't insist on eyeballing the measurements...
6 qst201211_msg0006 84 Hey, c'mon! You promised you wouldn't tell!
7 qst201211_msg0007 84 Hahaha!
8 qst201211_msg0008 84 Oh yeah, since you're already here, how about you try one and tell me what you think?
9 qst201211_msg0009 84 Uh? Are you sure?!
10 qst201211_msg0010 84 ...You didn't poison them, did you?
11 qst201211_msg0011 84 ...Should we have?
12 qst201211_msg0012 84 No, you shouldn't! Don't joke about that! And if you do, at least make sure it's obvious you're joking!
13 qst201211_msg0013 84 Ahahaha!
14 qst201211_msg0014 84 Anyway, no poison there, so dig in!
15 qst201211_msg0015 84 I will if I may!
16 qst201211_msg0016 84 Down the hatch!
17 qst201211_msg0017 84 ...
18 qst201211_msg0018 84 ...Well?
19 qst201211_msg0019 84 Delicious! They're just how I like them!
20 qst201211_msg0020 84 ...I'd call them "passable".
21 qst201211_msg0021 84 Great! Hear that, Theory? They're passable! That's not half bad for first time, eh? Eh?
22 qst201211_msg0022 84 ...That sense of self-satisfaction will be a barrier to growth.
23 qst201211_msg0023 84 Oh, give me a break. A little praise never hurt anyone!
24 qst201211_msg0024 84 ...Beg to differ.
25 qst201211_msg0025 84 Anyway, we got the go-ahead as well now, so let's hand out those Whelzaman Cookies!
26 qst201211_msg0026 84 Exactly. Time to make the kids of Fonsa Myma grin from ear to ear.
27 qst201211_msg0027 84 Roger that! Let's go, Theory!
28 qst201211_msg0028 84 Fine.