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1 qst201205_msg0001 84 Th-the mercs ain't cutting it...
2 qst201205_msg0002 84 Damn you! I won't let you lay a finger on my lads!
3 qst201205_msg0003 84 Just wait! You got it wrong! We just wanted to apologize for the past!
4 qst201205_msg0004 84 You stinkin' liar! I'll never believe a word that comes outta your bloody mouth!
5 qst201205_msg0005 84 ...Pointless, just like I said.
6 qst201205_msg0006 84 ...Praxis, let's go. There's no atoning for our sins.
7 qst201205_msg0007 84 No, Theory, wait! I'm not gonna give up just like that!
8 qst201205_msg0008 84 Do you want to live the rest of your life being seen as a criminal?
9 qst201205_msg0009 84 'Cos I sure don't!
10 qst201205_msg0010 84 We're different now... Theory, you're actually a kind-hearted person, deep down...
11 qst201205_msg0011 84 I need everyone to know that!
12 qst201205_msg0012 84 Oh dear...
13 qst201205_msg0013 84 Mister, just listen, please!
14 qst201205_msg0014 84 It's true, we may have done nasty things to you and your friends in the past...
15 qst201205_msg0015 84 even if we don't remember it, on account of being newly reawakened...
16 qst201205_msg0016 84 Anyway, I know that doesn't make the crime go away! I do!
17 qst201205_msg0017 84 But our new friends are all such kind, gentle folks...
18 qst201205_msg0018 84 They really believe in us! All of them do!
19 qst201205_msg0019 84 So I want to make up for the bad stuff, to prove their faith wasn't misplaced!
20 qst201205_msg0020 84 Uh...
21 qst201205_msg0021 84 I'm only asking you to give us a chance!
22 qst201205_msg0022 84 I don't know if we can make you forgive us completely, but if there's anything we can help with, we will!
23 qst201205_msg0023 84 Even cleaning, or laundry, or, or...!
24 qst201205_msg0024 84 ...Praxis, you know you're terrible at housework.
25 qst201205_msg0025 84 Right! Uh... Then... Then Theory will take that part!
26 qst201205_msg0026 84 Me?!
27 qst201205_msg0027 84 So then I could, um...
28 qst201205_msg0028 84 I know! Guard duty, or monster eradication. That's what I'm awesome at!
29 qst201205_msg0029 84 Pff... Bahaha!
30 qst201205_msg0030 84 Yeah, OK, I can definitely tell you guys have changed!
31 qst201205_msg0031 84 When we last met, you were cold-blooded killer-type Blades.
32 qst201205_msg0032 84 And now you're, well, the polar opposites of that I guess.
33 qst201205_msg0033 84 Looks like you got pretty lucky with your Drivers this time round.
34 qst201205_msg0034 84 ...So, um, what do we...?
35 qst201205_msg0035 84 Ah, no worries! I heard ya, loud and clear.
36 qst201205_msg0036 84 If you want to apologize to the people of this town, I'll be happy to help.
37 qst201205_msg0037 84 For real?! Thank you so much!
38 qst201205_msg0038 84 But, ah... Considering the stuff before, folks might be uneasy about giving you fightin' jobs.
39 qst201205_msg0039 84 *sigh* So I guess I won't be useful?
40 qst201205_msg0040 84 I didn't say that... We've got a harvest festival coming up, when it's customary to give kids sweet stuff.
41 qst201205_msg0041 84 Around here, it's Whelzaman Cookies. How about you make them and hand them out for us this year?
42 qst201205_msg0042 84 I think it'd be a perfect job for regaining people's trust.
43 qst201205_msg0043 84 Yes! I'll work at it day and night!
44 qst201205_msg0044 84 ...Praxis, how do you make Whelzaman Cookies?
45 qst201205_msg0045 84 No clue! But I'm sure it'll be fine! So long as we try our hardest!
46 qst201205_msg0046 84 ...You can't make up for everything with enthusiasm, you know.
47 qst201205_msg0047 84 I have a friend who's a great cook, she can teach you. The name's Brabe.
48 qst201205_msg0048 84 She runs a restaurant above the square in the Fonsa Myma Commercial District.
49 qst201205_msg0049 84 Thanks for the tip!
50 qst201205_msg0050 84 ...It helps.
51 qst201205_msg0051 84 OK, Theory! Let's go learn!