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1 qst201204_0010 82 Erm... Are these your children, by any chance?
2 qst201204_0020 82 Yeah, so?
3 qst201204_0030 82 What's it to you? Have they got 'emselves into trouble again, or wh-
4 qst201204_0040 82 T-t-two Blades with eyepatches?!
5 qst201204_0050 82 What do you think you're doing with my boys?! Go away, now!
6 qst201204_0060 82 Is he OK? Doesn't seem too open to a chin-wag here...
7 qst201204_0070 82 Praxis... Maybe we should leave now...?
8 qst201204_0080 82 No! It's fine! All I wanted to do was have a little talk!
9 qst201204_0090 82 Look... Please, hear me out. All we want to do is apologize for the past.
10 qst201204_0100 82 Someone, please! Somebody come help!
11 qst201204_0110 82 They're gonna kill my lads!
12 qst201204_0120 82 Wait! Nobody's here to harm you!
13 qst201204_0130 82 Don't come any closer, you monster! And don't lay a finger on my kids!
14 qst201204_0140 82 Look, just calm down. Shut up, or I'll shut you up.
15 qst201204_0150 82 [ML:undisp ]Scared noise
16 qst201204_0160 82 Theory... Give it a rest! You're scaring the man!
17 qst201204_0170 82 But...
18 qst201204_0180 82 It's OK. I'll handle it.
19 qst201204_0190 82 Listen will you? We're not here to hurt you any more than we already... Ugh.
20 qst201204_0200 82 You! Blades! Don't move a muscle!
21 qst201204_0210 82 [ML:undisp ]?!
22 qst201204_0220 82 This looks like an unsavory situation. Rex?
23 qst201204_0230 82 I can see that...
24 qst201204_0240 82 Th-thank you! Quick now! Get those Blades!
25 qst201204_0250 82 That's them all right! It's those Core Crystal hunters!
26 qst201204_0260 82 Just waltzing in here, in broad daylight!
27 qst201204_0270 82 Hey! Not so fast! We aren't the bad dudes!
28 qst201204_0280 82 Another one-eyer!
29 qst201204_0290 82 Didn't realize there were three of 'em!
30 qst201204_0300 82 Whoa! I'm not...
31 qst201204_0310 82 All we wanted to do was talk to this man!
32 qst201204_0320 82 Quiet, bandit trash!
33 qst201204_0330 82 Well said!
34 qst201204_0340 82 Grab the lot of 'em! We'll get a nice bounty if we bring 'em in!
35 qst201204_0350 82 Well, Praxis? What do you think? Are we going to fight these losers?
36 qst201204_0360 82 But...
37 qst201204_0370 82 Praxis! Theory! I think you'd better give up on the idea of a nice chat.
38 qst201204_0380 82 It's unfortunate... But I'm afraid they'll need our help calming down.
39 qst201204_0390 82 You two, happy to help, yeah?
40 qst201204_0400 82 Sure! Not a problem!
41 qst201204_0410 82 You OK with that, Theory? Don't kill, just incapacitate.
42 qst201204_0420 82 This is an opportunity to show them we've really changed.
43 qst201204_0430 82 Yes... Will do.