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1 qst201107_msg0036 84 ...
2 qst201107_msg0037 84 You know, don't you?
3 qst201107_msg0038 84 I think it's for the best if you didn't, Praxis.
4 qst201107_msg0039 84 If we tell you the truth, you'll-
5 qst201107_msg0040 84 Screw that!
6 qst201107_msg0041 84 You know the kind of personality I have. I never get depressed. Always bubbly, looking to the future...
7 qst201107_msg0042 84 Rex... We should tell her.
8 qst201107_msg0043 84 All right.
9 qst201107_msg0044 84 Thank you.
10 qst201107_msg0001 84 Her name is Theory.
11 qst201107_msg0002 84 Theory...
12 qst201107_msg0003 84 You two used to be a team.
13 qst201107_msg0004 84 A team? Fighting together like we are now?
14 qst201107_msg0005 84 That's right. Except, you weren't exactly doing good things.
15 qst201107_msg0006 84 You called yourselves Core Crystal hunters. You attacked people without remorse and stole their Blades' Cores.
16 qst201107_msg0007 84 What? Me...? I...did awful things like that?
17 qst201107_msg0008 84 So...we used to be enemies?
18 qst201107_msg0009 84 We did.
19 qst201107_msg0010 84 We had to cooperate with the Ardainian military to stop you. And we fought in battle.
20 qst201107_msg0011 84 ...That's how your Driver died.
21 qst201107_msg0012 84 So I would have returned to my Core Crystal...
22 qst201107_msg0013 84 Yeah. Which we picked up.
23 qst201107_msg0014 84 But Theory and her Driver escaped.
24 qst201107_msg0015 84 After that, she seemed to vanish off the face of Alrest.
25 qst201107_msg0016 84 I...I can't believe it. I was a criminal...
26 qst201107_msg0045 84 ...
27 qst201107_msg0017 84 Praxis... Best not to dwell on the past.
28 qst201107_msg0018 84 You're our friend now, and that's all that matters.
29 qst201107_msg0019 84 But...Theory probably doesn't think the same, does she?
30 qst201107_msg0020 84 She probably thinks of me as a traitor...
31 qst201107_msg0021 84 Praxis, relax.
32 qst201107_msg0022 84 We won't know what she thinks of you unless we hear it from her directly.
33 qst201107_msg0023 84 But it surely won't be easy for you.
34 qst201107_msg0024 84 We can go, but only if you think you're up to it.
35 qst201107_msg0026 84 ...
36 qst201107_msg0027 84 I'm shocked, I can't deny that. Finding out that you were a terrible person in a past life...who wouldn't be?
37 qst201107_msg0028 84 But...there's no reason to get all depressed about it.
38 qst201107_msg0029 84 In fact, now, I feel like I need to help her. Just like how you all helped me.
39 qst201107_msg0030 84 I'll go. I'll meet her in person!
40 qst201107_msg0031 84 We're behind you, Praxis. We go together, to save Theory!
41 qst201107_msg0032 84 Are you sure about this, Rex?
42 qst201107_msg0033 84 It's better than moping around here, isn't it? And besides, I want to help Theory too.
43 qst201107_msg0034 84 Praxis, let's do this!
44 qst201107_msg0035 84 Yeah!