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1 qst201105_0010 82 As expected, there's no one here either.
2 qst201105_0020 82 If last time was anything to go by, somebody's probably having a cheeky peek at us right about now.
3 qst201105_0030 82 Hey! I know you can hear me! Stop creeping around like a coward and show yourself!
4 qst201105_0040 82 Another one of those...?
5 qst201105_0050 82 What are you trying to tell us with all these lances?!
6 qst201105_0060 82 Stop beating around the bush! Come out, and tell us what you want to our faces!
7 qst201105_0070 82 Or are you afraid of me?!
8 qst201105_0075 82 [ML:undisp ]ADLIB
9 qst201105_0080 82 [ML:undisp ](gasp)
10 qst201105_0090 82 Ah! It's that Blade again!
11 qst201105_0100 82 No doubt about it. It's the other Blade from the Core Crystal hunters.
12 qst201105_0110 82 Her name was Theory, right...?
13 qst201105_0120 82 So it WAS you...
14 qst201105_0130 82 You were the one who kept messing with us in the middle of battle, weren't you?
15 qst201105_0140 82 What do you want from us?
16 qst201105_0150 82 If you've got something to say, then say it.
17 qst201105_0160 82 ...
18 qst201105_0170 82 The message said the reward would be 'memories', but I just can't figure out what's going on.
19 qst201105_0180 82 We've been playing along with you for long enough. It ends here!
20 qst201105_0190 82 So it didn't work...
21 qst201105_0200 82 What didn't work? Tell me!
22 qst201105_0210 82 *sigh*
23 qst201105_0220 82 Read the message. It's the last one.
24 qst201105_0230 82 Hey!