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1 qst201001_msg0001 84 It doesn't seem as if the false rumors have caught on yet.
2 qst201001_msg0002 84 The longer we take, the more casualties there will be.
3 qst201001_msg0003 84 We don't have the luxury of time. Please hurry.
4 qst201001_msg0004 84 We've noticed the false rumors have started to spread.
5 qst201001_msg0005 84 The Core Crystal hunters are sure to bite now!
6 qst201001_msg0006 84 We've already got a capture squad at the ready. All we need now is the Merc Group's support.
7 qst201001_msg0007 84 We're grateful to have the backing of the Merc Group.
8 qst201001_msg0008 84 Our squad is ready to mobilize at any moment.
9 qst201001_msg0009 84 There's not much time, so I'd like to ask you to move to your designated positions.