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1 qst200918_msg001 84 We're back!
2 qst200918_msg002 84 Ah, so you are!
3 qst200918_msg003 84 Looks like we've got everything we need now to open the shop again. Thank you!
4 qst200918_msg004 84 Aww, it was nothing.
5 qst200918_msg005 84 It's all worthwhile as long as I can put a smile back on people's faces!
6 qst200918_msg006 84 You're a good lass, you know that?
7 qst200918_msg016 84 What do you say to a couple more loaves of freshly-baked Lucky Dawn Bread as thanks?
8 qst200918_msg017 84 Whoa, really?!
9 qst200918_msg018 84 Oh, that would be amazing! I'm feeling so blessed!
10 qst200918_msg019 84 Heh, someone's pleased! That smile of yours is catching!
11 qst200918_msg007 84 Ehehe...
12 qst200918_msg008 84 Meh... Should all just be careful.
13 qst200918_msg009 84 Getting involved with Kasandra nothing but trouble.
14 qst200918_msg010 84 Need to put her on blacklist of trade guild!
15 qst200918_msg011 84 Ah, thank you so, so much for all your hard work, Mr. Kupon! I really feel you!
16 qst200918_msg012 84 Meh-meh... Whose fault you think...
17 qst200918_msg013 84 If there's anything I can do to help, please tell me!
18 qst200918_msg014 84 Meeeeeh... How can be angry at someone when they so kind and innocent?
19 qst200918_msg015 84 If only Kasandra not bringer of bad luck, would be whole different story...
20 qst200918_msg020 84 Huh? I don't bring bad luck! There's no way that'd happen!
21 qst200918_msg021 84 Seconded. I don't see how such a sweet little girl could ever bring misfortune on anyone.
22 qst200918_msg022 84 Meh-meh-meeeh...
23 qst200918_msg023 84 Kupon lost for words...
24 qst200918_msg101 84 Well, what does my Driver have to say about this? Did we bring happiness or not?
25 qst200918_msg102 84 Yeah, I think so. I think you've brightened everyone's days a little.
26 qst200918_msg103 84 Though I can't help but notice a lot of unlucky things happened along the way...
27 qst200918_msg104 84 Yeah, I guess so. Maybe just a tiny bit happier.
28 qst200918_msg105 84 Though some pretty terrible things did happen along the way...
29 qst200918_msg106 84 I would say so. You've taken great pains to bring happiness to people in need.
30 qst200918_msg107 84 Though I must admit, your efforts were punctuated by a series of unfortunate coincidences...
31 qst200918_msg108 84 Yeah, absolutely. I think you've done a smashing job of helping out.
32 qst200918_msg109 84 But now that you mention it, we've had so many disasters in such a short time, it seems more than coincidence.
33 qst200918_msg110 84 I suppose you're right... I wonder if it's because my powers are incomplete?
34 qst200918_msg111 84 Uh, yeah...that must be it...
35 qst200918_msg112 84 Uhh, yeah...must be...
36 qst200918_msg113 84 Er...perhaps...
37 qst200918_msg114 84 Hmm...I dunno...
38 qst200918_msg115 84 I'll try hard, really I will! I just want to bring people happiness, that's all!
39 qst200918_msg116 84 I understand. We're counting on you, Kasandra!
40 qst200918_msg117 84 Yeah, I know. Well, we're counting on you, Kasandra!
41 qst200918_msg118 84 Well said, Kasandra. I look forward to seeing your progress!
42 qst200918_msg119 84 I hear you. Well, we're counting on you, Kasandra, so don't you forget it!