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1 qst200913_msg001 84 There he is! Mr. Kupooon!
2 qst200913_msg002 84 Oh no! He's being attacked by Tirkin! We've got to help him!
3 qst200913_msg003 84 Go away! Kupon maybe look like tasty snack, but definitely not taste like one!
4 qst200913_msg004 84 Gyaaaaaaah!!!
5 qst200913_msg005 84 Kasandra?! This not good, no no! Not come any closer!
6 qst200913_msg006 84 Don't sweat it! Everything's going to be just fine. We're here to rescue you!
7 qst200913_msg007 84 No! Kasandra stay away from Kupon! Stay away!
8 qst200913_msg008 84 ...Why me?
9 qst200913_msg009 84 Are you all right...?
10 qst200913_msg010 84 I suppose we'll just have to help him again now...