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1 qst200909_0010 82 Greetings, Tirkin people!
2 qst200909_0020 82 Skrraaw! Hello!
3 qst200909_0030 82 Hello, hello!
4 qst200909_0040 82 They seem to understand just fine. We might be able to negotiate at this rate.
5 qst200909_0050 82 We did not come here to fight you. We came to talk with you.
6 qst200909_0060 82 We have heard that a man from Torigoth has been brought to this location.
7 qst200909_0070 82 Is this true?
8 qst200909_0080 82 We not sure if true or nots, but we katch strange man, yeah.
9 qst200909_0090 82 That's got to be him.
10 qst200909_0100 82 Well then, would you be so kind as to let him go?
11 qst200909_0110 82 Skraaaw! No! We not let him go!
12 qst200909_0120 82 Is there anything we could do to change your mind?
13 qst200909_0130 82 Nothing! Kan be no deals!
14 qst200909_0140 82 No possible!
15 qst200909_0150 82 Oh dear. That puts us at an impasse, then.
16 qst200909_0160 82 Our negotiations are going downhill, like this weather...
17 qst200909_0170 82 Oh well! I guess I'll just have to lean on them a little harder. It would be amazing if we could avoid starting a fight...
18 qst200909_0180 82 Sqwrrraaauuuk!
19 qst200909_0190 82 Ack-ack-kraaaaaa!
20 qst200909_0200 82 Run away! Run away!
21 qst200909_0210 82 What...?
22 qst200909_0220 82 Well, whatever. Now's our chance!
23 qst200909_0230 82 It's time to break through!