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1 qst200903_msg001 84 I can't believe it... is this happening?!
2 qst200903_msg002 84 Sounds serious.
3 qst200903_msg003 84 You can say that again. An Armu just stormed right into our shop. Completely trashed the place.
4 qst200903_msg004 84 And thanks to that, the windmill's busted, so now we can't make any flour.
5 qst200903_msg005 84 This is the worst. We're going to be out of business until we can get it repaired.
6 qst200903_msg006 84 Don't worry, sir!
7 qst200903_msg007 84 We had a batch of your amazing Lucky Dawn Bread and our bellies are full of fortune! We'll help you with your shop!
8 qst200903_msg009 84 Oh, you're lifesavers. Are you sure you have the time, though?
9 qst200903_msg010 84 Sure we're sure! We've gotta help each other out in times of need, don't we?
10 qst200903_msg011 84 That's really kind of you, lass. If I ever have kids, I'd want my daughter to grow up to be just like you!
11 qst200903_msg012 84 Well then, I hope you don't mind me bossing you around for a bit.
12 qst200903_msg013 84 We'll need to get the mill up and running before we can do anything, really.
13 qst200903_msg014 84 Otto's in charge of the windmill. He should be at Saets Lumber Co. about now, near the town entrance.
14 qst200903_msg015 84 Would you mind going to fetch him for me?
15 qst200903_msg016 84 Not at all! We'll do that right now!
16 qst200903_msg017 84 Come on, guys, let's go find Otto!