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1 qst200902_0010 82 Mm-mm-mm! That was tasty...
2 qst200902_0020 82 You know, I think I'm starting to feel lucky already!
3 qst200902_0030 82 Tora surprised that Torigoth have such tasty bread!
4 qst200902_0040 82 Tora never realize before!
5 qst200902_0050 82 Reason for that is Masterpon never get out of bed before midday.
6 qst200902_0060 82 Meh-meh... Poppi have point...
7 qst200902_0070 82 Well then, how about we make a start? I predict today will be the best day ever!
8 qst200902_0080 82 This can't be happening... Today is the absolute worst day ever!!
9 qst200902_0090 82 Hm. I wonder what the problem is...
10 qst200902_0100 82 Considering they sell such lucky bread... If something has gone wrong, it's gotta be pretty bad!
11 qst200902_0110 82 C'mon, let's go ask!