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1 qst200819_msg0001 84 Hey, Cedwyn, you need to take it easy sometimes!
2 qst200819_msg0002 84 That's easy to say, but... This research important...
3 qst200819_msg0003 84 Well, can you put it down for a minute? I wanted to tell you something.
4 qst200819_msg0004 84 ...Well, all right. I suppose a minute won't hurt.
5 qst200819_msg0005 84 OK then, well, I'll try to make it quick! Here's the thing...
6 qst200819_msg0006 84 Right, so you're trying to save the Saffronia tree?
7 qst200819_msg0007 84 I can't help you with the tree brace, sadly. But fungicide and antidesiccant are definitely my territory.
8 qst200819_msg0008 84 Great! I knew we could count on you, Cedwyn!
9 qst200819_msg0009 84 Well, don't count your chickens, child.
10 qst200819_msg0010 84 I want to help you, really I do, but I'm currently out of some essential reagents...
11 qst200819_msg0011 84 Huh? Oh, you don't have what you need...?
12 qst200819_msg0012 84 Please, don't be so crestfallen, Floren.
13 qst200819_msg0013 84 I can make as much medicine as you need if you bring me the ingredients!
14 qst200819_msg0014 84 How does that sound?
15 qst200819_msg0015 84 ...OK, that sounds like a deal. Thank you, Cedwyn!
16 qst200819_msg0016 84 Anytime, Floren! Anytime.
17 qst200819_msg0017 84 Right, so what is it that you need?
18 qst200819_msg0018 84 First, for the fungicide...
19 qst200819_msg0019 84 Five Olsteprinium flowers and five Frozen Sapphires.
20 qst200819_msg0020 84 And for the antidesiccant...
21 qst200819_msg0021 84 Three Amber Leaves and ten Ghost Dudleya plants.
22 qst200819_msg0022 84 Got it, thanks! We'll get you what you need!
23 qst200819_msg0023 84 Just be careful out there!
24 qst200819_msg0024 84 Cedwyn is a good man, pure and simple!
25 qst200819_msg0025 84 OK, let's go get those ingredients!