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1 qst200804_0010 82 Yes... I understand now.
2 qst200804_0020 82 To heal her, we're going to need fungicide and antidesiccant.
3 qst200804_0030 82 We could also use a tree brace to keep her steady while she's healing.
4 qst200804_0040 82 So all we need to heal the tree is those three things?
5 qst200804_0050 82 Yep!
6 qst200804_0060 82 Then what are we waiting for?
7 qst200804_0070 82 Where exactly are we going to find all that stuff, though?
8 qst200804_0080 82 Cedwyn! Lives in Torigoth in Gormott. Knows much about treeplants.
9 qst200804_0090 82 Good thinking, Tora! I'm sure he can help.
10 qst200804_0100 82 Meh he he!
11 qst200804_0110 82 Right, let's go talk to Cedwyn!
12 qst200804_0120 82 Yeah!
13 qst200804_0130 82 We'll come back as quickly as we can. Please hold on a little longer.