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1 qst200802_msg0001 84 What the hell? They ain't nothin' but a bunch of women and children, and they still kicked our butts...
2 qst200802_msg0002 84 I'll remember you, ya stinkin' brats! Don't think for a minute you'll get away with this!
3 qst200802_msg0003 84 Yaaawn. Talk about sour grapes...
4 qst200802_msg0004 84 Um, Floren. Are you sure you don't know what those mercs wanted?
5 qst200802_msg0005 84 Yes, positive. I have no idea whatsoever.
6 qst200802_msg0006 84 But Floren often receive gifts from people, could maybe be one of those?
7 qst200802_msg0007 84 Huh? Sure, but I'd remember getting top-secret information I think...
8 qst200802_msg0008 84 Ah?!
9 qst200802_msg0009 84 Floren suddenly remember?!
10 qst200802_msg0010 84 Let me through!
11 qst200802_msg0011 84 ...No way! The Saffronia...!