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1 qst200715_msg0001 84 Ugh, it's no use... There's a lock on this thing...
2 qst200715_msg0004 84 And it's quite an intricate one.
3 qst200715_msg0005 84 I don't think we'll be able to open it.
4 qst200715_msg0006 84 Does that mean I can't eat the Bloomshroom?!
5 qst200715_msg0007 84 Leave it to Yumyum!
6 qst200715_msg0008 84 You think you can do it?
7 qst200715_msg0009 84 Hehehehe...
8 qst200715_msg0010 84 Yumyum is a first-rate burglar... The lock has not yet been built which would thwart me!
9 qst200715_msg0011 84 Show me that.
10 qst200715_msg0012 84 Hmhmhm, I see, I see...
11 qst200715_msg0013 84 Can you open it?
12 qst200715_msg0014 84 Patience, patience...
13 qst200715_msg0015 84 When you think about it, doesn't this look more and more like a group effort? Division of labor, so to speak!
14 qst200715_msg0016 84 Boreas cleared the path, and now Yumyum the Burglar opens the lock...
15 qst200715_msg0017 84 It is because we joined forces that we were able to attain this great treasure!
16 qst200715_msg0018 84 Two great heroes, beloved of Nopon and children, working arm in arm... What a glorious development!
17 qst200715_msg0019 84 Yeah, yeah. When do we eat the Bloomshroom, though?
18 qst200715_msg0020 84 ...Bah. Listening clearly isn't his strong suit...
19 qst200715_msg0021 84 You only just realized? You two've been talking across each other since this whole thing started...
20 qst200715_msg0022 84 I know, I know, but... Grrr, it just irks me that my greatest rival has to be such a thick oaf.
21 qst200715_msg0023 84 After we grab the Bloomshroom, we gotta hurry back to the Rumbletum Canteen!
22 qst200715_msg0024 84 There they'll know how best to cook it up!
23 qst200715_msg0025 84 He really doesn't listen, does he...?
24 qst200715_msg0026 84 Yumyum, hurry up and open it already!
25 qst200715_msg0027 84 Nearly there...
26 qst200715_msg0028 84 And voilà! The lock is open! Go on, take a gander inside!