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1 qst200704_msg0001 84 Oh bother... Bother, bother... Where'd it get off to...?
2 qst200704_msg0002 84 Um... Is it this statue you're looking for?
3 qst200704_msg0003 84 Th-the statue!
4 qst200704_msg0004 84 Incredible! You found it! Thank you so much!
5 qst200704_msg0005 84 What happened?
6 qst200704_msg0006 84 I can't say I understand, myself... Could you explain?
7 qst200704_msg0007 84 Ah, beg your pardon. I got so happy I forgot myself...
8 qst200704_msg0008 84 A few days ago, I got a calling card from Yumyum the Burglar, saying he'd steal my statue.
9 qst200704_msg0009 84 But before Yumyum could steal it, the statue just disappeared from before my very eyes...
10 qst200704_msg0010 84 It was just too much for my poor brain; I had no idea WHAT was going on.
11 qst200704_msg0011 84 I'd been working on that piece for nearly 20 years now, and it's still a work in progress.
12 qst200704_msg0012 84 If I can't finish my work before I die, I bet I'll become some sort of vengeful phantom, I'm sure of it!
13 qst200704_msg0040 84 Oh, but you took it somewhere safe for me, didn't you?
14 qst200704_msg0039 84 Thanks to you, it remained safe from the clutches of Yumyum... Architect be praised...
15 qst200704_msg0041 84 I cannot thank you enough, friends! I am in your debt!
16 qst200704_msg0013 84 I, uh, I see... All's well that ends well, hahaha...
17 qst200704_msg0042 84 By the way, do you know who this Yumyum is?
18 qst200704_msg0043 84 He stole my precious food! He's a big meanie is what he is!
19 qst200704_msg0044 84 Oh, Yumyum the Burglar is quite infamous round these parts!
20 qst200704_msg0045 84 Children in particular revel in stories of the Nopon rogue.
21 qst200704_msg0046 84 They say he's a gentleman thief, stealing treasures from villains and giving them to poor Nopon...
22 qst200704_msg0047 84 Although apparently he does also steal from regular people sometimes. That seems like a character flaw...
23 qst200704_msg0048 84 Not so!
24 qst200704_msg0049 84 Sculptor! Did you not, just last week, drink your daughter's Odifa without her permission?! 'Tis deserved retribution!
25 qst200704_msg0050 84 I-it was just a sip!
26 qst200704_msg0051 84 'Tis a wrong in need of righting!
27 qst200704_msg0052 84 But the plan hit a snag! Who would have thought the statue would be snatched before I could snatch it...
28 qst200704_msg0014 84 And who was it that crossed Yumyum? It was you! Boreas!
29 qst200704_msg0015 84 How long will you continue to humiliate Yumyum the Burglar?!
30 qst200704_msg0016 84 So you're the one who stole my precious foodstuffs?!
31 qst200704_msg0017 84 Ohohohoho... You finally worked it out, you blockhead?
32 qst200704_msg0018 84 Took you long enough...
33 qst200704_msg0019 84 The one who ransacked your food stash...was none other than me, Yumyum the Burglar!
34 qst200704_msg0020 84 Why would you do such a thing?!
35 qst200704_msg0021 84 Why? Why, you shouldn't need to ask, Boreas! You of all people should know!
36 qst200704_msg0053 84 Look into your heart, you know that of which I speak...
37 qst200704_msg0054 84 Errrm... Why did you steal my food?
38 qst200704_msg0055 84 Hmm...
39 qst200704_msg0056 84 I haven't got a clue!
40 qst200704_msg0057 84 You overstuffed balloony dunce!
41 qst200704_msg0022 84 By winning the eating contest in the Rumbletum Canteen, you have stolen the Nopon's innocent hearts! Obviously!
42 qst200704_msg0023 84 The cute little Nopon hearts... Their tender little Nopon hearts...
43 qst200704_msg0024 84 Those pure Nopon hearts that I, Yumyum the Burglar, have been unable to steal...
44 qst200704_msg0025 84 You stole and defiled their hearts! A thousand deaths would not be sufficient punishment for you!
45 qst200704_msg0026 84 Oh ho ho ho...
46 qst200704_msg0027 84 Hnghghgh... I see, I see... You wish to stoke the rage of Yumyum!
47 qst200704_msg0028 84 You wish to claim that you are a better burglar than Yumyum the, nota bene, Burglar!
48 qst200704_msg0029 84 Very well, as you wish! We shall see which of us is the superior burglar!
49 qst200704_msg0030 84 That's kinda sudden...
50 qst200704_msg0031 84 A very simple burgle-off, then!
51 qst200704_msg0032 84 Obtain a Shimmering Feather from the Ansel Hatchery in the Leftherian Archipelago...
52 qst200704_msg0033 84 And then return to Rumbletum Canteen before your opponent to win!
53 qst200704_msg0034 84 If you can somehow prevail over Yumyum the Burglar, I will return your food stash to you untouched!
54 qst200704_msg0035 84 Boreas will win this contest! Nothing will stand between me and my larder!
55 qst200704_msg0036 84 H-hey now, hold up, Boreas! You're not going alone?!
56 qst200704_msg0037 84 H-hey now, hold up! I haven't given the start signal yet!
57 qst200704_msg0038 84 That's a false start! That's cheating! Come back here, I demand a redo...!