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1 qst200703_0010 82 Oh ho ho! Mushrooms all for me!
2 qst200703_0020 82 He looks so happy.
3 qst200703_0030 82 He must really like mushrooms.
4 qst200703_0040 82 Stop mushroom talk... Tora not want to see another mushroom as long as Tora live... *burp* 'Scuse me...
5 qst200703_0050 82 Huh?
6 qst200703_0060 82 What in Elysium's name are you doing, Boreas?
7 qst200703_0070 82 Looking for something?
8 qst200703_0080 82 Huh?
9 qst200703_0090 82 What is this?
10 qst200703_0100 82 What did you find? ...Boreas?
11 qst200703_0110 82 What's that card?
12 qst200703_0120 82 Uhhh...
13 qst200703_0130 82 "Thanks for the food!" From...Yumyum the Burglar?
14 qst200703_0140 82 Huh... Is this... Is this a message from the thief?
15 qst200703_0150 82 Whuh?!
16 qst200703_0160 82 Looks like he snuck in while we were away and nicked all of our food.
17 qst200703_0170 82 No no no no no!
18 qst200703_0180 82 Calm down, Boreas!
19 qst200703_0190 82 This is unacceptable. Unacceptable!
20 qst200703_0200 82 Meh meh?!
21 qst200703_0210 82 Meeeeh-eh?!
22 qst200703_0220 82 You disappeared for a second there, Boreas.
23 qst200703_0230 82 ...Did you...uh...go somewhere and come back just now?
24 qst200703_0240 82 I didn't go anywhere!
25 qst200703_0250 82 What's that, then?
26 qst200703_0260 82 This? This undelicious-looking piece of...of nothing?
27 qst200703_0270 82 You were carrying that when you came in. You don't know where you got it from?
28 qst200703_0280 82 I was so angry that I lost track of everything! I have no idea where this came from!
29 qst200703_0290 82 Analysis indicate that carving is not from Argentum.
30 qst200703_0300 82 So Boreas traveled to another country in that split second?
31 qst200703_0310 82 I knew the blighter was fast, but I didn't think he was THAT fast.
32 qst200703_0320 82 We should try to return that carving before its owner notices it's gone.
33 qst200703_0330 82 He's right. But looking for the owner sounds like a right hassle.
34 qst200703_0340 82 Perhaps by studying the statue, we'll be able to discern its origin.