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1 qst200602_msg0001 84 What ails you, my Driver? You look befuddled as a loon.
2 qst200602_msg0002 84 Is something troubling you?
3 qst200602_msg0003 84 No... I'm just happy that you seem to have got your motivation back.
4 qst200602_msg0004 84 It's nothing. I'm just pleased that you're looking motivated now!
5 qst200602_msg0005 84 No...there is no trouble. I am just happy that you seem motivated now.
6 qst200602_msg0006 84 No problems here. I'm just happy that you're looking good and motivated!
7 qst200602_msg0007 84 Well, if my attitude pleases you, I trust you will work hard to serve my aims.
8 qst200602_msg0008 84 To protect a true and loyal retainer, I would gladly draw out the depths of my strength.
9 qst200602_msg0009 84 The depths of your strength, huh... Sounds pretty unbeatable.
10 qst200602_msg0010 84 The depths of your strength, eh? Guess we'll be pretty unbeatable.
11 qst200602_msg0011 84 The depths of your strength? I could not ask for a more dependable ally.
12 qst200602_msg0012 84 The depths of your strength? Damn, those are pretty deep.
13 qst200602_msg0013 84 Hahaha! Your king will not be easily defeated!
14 qst200602_msg0014 84 For the sake of restoring my kingdom, I will spare no effort!
15 qst200602_msg0015 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Hahahahahah!