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1 qst200517_msg001 84 Wow... This IS a swanky looking place, isn't it? And in an excellent location, too.
2 qst200517_msg002 84 You seem to be quite enamored with it.
3 qst200517_msg003 84 I can't deny it. I'd love to set up shop in a place like this.
4 qst200517_msg004 84 Then I see no reason for you not to accept Alban's kind offer.
5 qst200517_msg005 84 But what are you gonna put on sale? You can't open shop without having some kind of supplies, right?
6 qst200517_msg006 84 Well, I've made all sorts of candy in my free time.
7 qst200517_msg007 84 I thought maybe I could rustle up a few new recipes based on my past experiments.
8 qst200517_msg008 84 Nice. Sign me up as a taste tester!
9 qst200517_msg009 84 But first, we'll need the raw ingredients. We can't start without those.
10 qst200517_msg010 84 I see. Then tell us where to find them. We'll gather them for you.
11 qst200517_msg011 84 That'd be a great help, thanks.
12 qst200517_msg012 84 All right, so first up we're going to make cookies. I've thought up three recipes we could use for that.
13 qst200517_msg013 84 Hot Cookies, Neon Cookies and Blood Cookies.
14 qst200517_msg014 84 I want to start off with a selection of those three and offer them to customers as samples.
15 qst200517_msg015 84 Gotcha. Come on, guys. Let's get moving before I start drooling in anticipation!