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1 qst200516_msg026 84 Hey. We're back with your paintings!
2 qst200516_msg027 84 Oh, no kidding! Thanks, you lot! You're one in a million!
3 qst200516_msg001 84 Yes, indeed, they all seem to be safe and accounted for!
4 qst200516_msg002 84 ...But now that I look at it, they're pretty poor, aren't they? I'd be embarrassed to show these in public.
5 qst200516_msg003 84 Nothing to be ashamed of, in my opinion.
6 qst200516_msg004 84 There's a saying: "Passion is the road to betterment".
7 qst200516_msg005 84 As long as you hold a passion for painting, there's no limit to what you can achieve.
8 qst200516_msg006 84 You think? Yeah...maybe you're right!
9 qst200516_msg007 84 You've started getting my creative juices flowing again.
10 qst200516_msg008 84 I'm busy enough with my restaurant chain as it is, but maybe I can set aside some time to get back into it.
11 qst200516_msg009 84 Mm? Did you just say "restaurant chain"?
12 qst200516_msg010 84 I did. What about it?
13 qst200516_msg011 84 Are you interested in the food? Or maybe the cooking?
14 qst200516_msg028 84 Well...
15 qst200516_msg012 84 As it happens, I'm sort of a... confectioner-cum-pâtissier, you could say. An enthusiast, at least.
16 qst200516_msg013 84 I try not to give it much thought, though, being a Blade and all.
17 qst200516_msg014 84 Oh, come on! After everything you just said, now you tell me you're trying to hide your own hobbies?
18 qst200516_msg015 84 What happened to "Passion is the road to betterment"?
19 qst200516_msg016 84 As long as you've got the passion, anything's possible, no?
20 qst200516_msg017 84 Heh, too true. You've got me there.
21 qst200516_msg018 84 Now, about your reward... How about I lend out one of my shops to you? Tentatively, of course.
22 qst200516_msg029 84 As it so happens, one of them's unoccupied at the moment.
23 qst200516_msg030 84 You manage the shop itself and I'll handle the upkeep. But I will have to take a percentage of your earnings...
24 qst200516_msg031 84 Well? Whadda ya say?
25 qst200516_msg019 84 Wow. I have to say, it's an incredibly tempting offer, but I'm afraid I'd have to decline, because, well...
26 qst200516_msg020 84 Now, slow down. Why don't you take a look and see for yourself first?
27 qst200516_msg021 84 If you like the look of the place, my offer still stands.
28 qst200516_msg022 84 But, I...
29 qst200516_msg023 84 Come on, Gorg, we can at least go and see it, can't we?
30 qst200516_msg024 84 If you still don't like it, you can always turn down his offer later on.
31 qst200516_msg025 84 Well...if you insist. Let's see it then.
32 qst200516_msg032 84 It's at the plaza near the Fonsa Myma Gate. Take your time, look around.