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1 qst200515_msg001 84 Uhh...this has to be it, right...? This piece of scrap...?
2 qst200515_msg002 84 I don't think it could be anything else, to be honest.
3 qst200515_msg003 84 Then let's get what we came for and leg it out of here!
4 qst200515_msg004 84 Wait... There are Aligo nearby.
5 qst200515_msg005 84 Looks like they've taken up nest inside the ship.
6 qst200515_msg006 84 So we rush 'em down. What's the problem?
7 qst200515_msg007 84 Bravery and folly are two sides of the same coin.
8 qst200515_msg008 84 These Aligo seem tougher than most. It wouldn't be wise to take them all on at once.
9 qst200515_msg009 84 So what are we going to do?
10 qst200515_msg010 84 I've got a plan. But first, we'll need to prepare some ingredients.
11 qst200515_msg011 84 Mind helping me gather them?
12 qst200515_msg012 84 Sure, I'll help. What is it you're after, though?
13 qst200515_msg013 84 We'll need a Beautiful Shoot, a few Lemon Stones, and some Hide 'n' Creepers.
14 qst200515_msg014 84 They're all native to Leftheria, so they shouldn't be so hard to find.
15 qst200515_msg015 84 When you've got the ingredients, come hand them over to me, OK? Off you go, now!