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1 qst200501_0010 82 What is it you hope to achieve with this fire, Gorg?
2 qst200501_0020 82 Do tell us.
3 qst200501_0030 82 To burn the stuff we've collected, of course!
4 qst200501_0040 82 Seems a bit of a waste to burn all of this...
5 qst200501_0050 82 Ah, it'll be fine.
6 qst200501_0060 82 What's this?
7 qst200501_0070 82 Aligo are attracted by smells you know. It's a funny thing.
8 qst200501_0080 82 If we make skillful use of this, we can get them to come over here...
9 qst200501_0090 82 Perhaps...
10 qst200501_0100 82 Indeed, the things that we gathered earlier are giving off a certain odor.
11 qst200501_0110 82 If the smell starts to waft over their way, they'll probably come over this way.
12 qst200501_0120 82 If we play it right, we can collect up the cargo without having to fight them.
13 qst200501_0130 82 Meh... That really enough to bring them?
14 qst200501_0140 82 It's fine, it's fine. I know what I'm doing.
15 qst200501_0150 82 Now, let's find a good vantage point to watch the action unfold!
16 qst200501_0160 82 Excellent!
17 qst200501_0170 82 Well, maybe we didn't get all of them. But it'll be a lot easier to collect what we need now.
18 qst200501_0180 82 Wow! Gorg a very dependable chap!
19 qst200501_0190 82 Well, thanks! But y'know, I'm just doing my regular thing!