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1 qst200420_0010 82 Ugh... Why the hell won't you end this?!
2 qst200420_0020 82 ...I am not a killer. Not even when it comes to worthless scum like you.
3 qst200420_0030 82 ...Heh heh heh... Not a killer?
4 qst200420_0040 82 Stop fooling yourself, boyo...
5 qst200420_0050 82 Even if you don't kill me now, you can bet your arse someone will...
6 qst200420_0060 82 ...Like that woman. Everyone dies, sooner or later...
7 qst200420_0070 82 Perceval!
8 qst200420_0080 82 Your skills... They are made for ending people's lives!
9 qst200420_0090 82 It's like you don't get it...
10 qst200420_0100 82 It doesn't matter how many times you're reborn, a killer is what you are.
11 qst200420_0110 82 Need proof? That burning desire you feel to kill me now is proof enough!
12 qst200420_0120 82 What's wrong? Do it!
13 qst200420_0130 82 You hate me, don't you? You won't let scum like me live, will you?!
14 qst200420_0140 82 You can stop holding back and kill me already, Perceval!
15 qst200420_0150 82 Do it, and reclaim your past glory!
16 qst200420_0160 82 ...I will not.
17 qst200420_0170 82 Dying here would be too easy an end for one such as you.
18 qst200420_0180 82 No, you will live, so that you can spend the rest of your life atoning for your sins.
19 qst200420_0190 82 That... Isn't that a fate crueler than death...?
20 qst200420_0200 82 Perceval, you really are the Heartless Judge...