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1 qst200415_msg0001 84 The wound indicates... a single, deadly blade strike.
2 qst200415_msg0002 84 No signs of struggle...
3 qst200415_msg0003 84 A one-hit kill?
4 qst200415_msg0004 84 I doubt she was even aware of any danger.
5 qst200415_msg0005 84 The deed was perpetrated by a professional killer...
6 qst200415_msg0006 84 That's awful... What was the point in killing her...?
7 qst200415_msg0007 84 ...You. Scum. How long will you skulk in the shadows?
8 qst200415_msg0008 84 My, my... The Heartless Judge. How long's it been...twenty-odd years?
9 qst200415_msg0009 84 As I live and breathe...
10 qst200415_msg0010 84 I wondered which Blade could be giving a ruthless band of assassins like my Bloody Lobsters trouble...
11 qst200415_msg0011 84 But I never expected that Blade would be you!
12 qst200415_msg0012 84 Causing you trouble? What are you talking about?
13 qst200415_msg0013 84 Ha! Now you're trying to play dumb?
14 qst200415_msg0014 84 You capturing our employers put paid to our finely-crafted moneymaking scheme, you know.
15 qst200415_msg0016 84 You've made it clear that you wanted to wash your hands of our enterprise, damn you! So why come back now?
16 qst200415_msg0017 84 Could it be that you actually miss the killing? Eh, mister Heartless Judge?
17 qst200415_msg0018 84 ...You claim to know my old self, scum?
18 qst200415_msg0019 84 I recognize neither you, nor that "Heartless Judge" sobriquet you keep using.
19 qst200415_msg0020 84 I stake no claim to the power over life and death, and I renounce killing. I am not the Perceval you knew.
20 qst200415_msg0021 84 Heheh... Bwahahaha!
21 qst200415_msg0022 84 The man who's killed women and children without batting an eyelid now renounces killing?
22 qst200415_msg0023 84 Gahahahaha! The irony is too delicious!
23 qst200415_msg0024 84 ...I assume this is your handiwork. Why did you kill the woman?
24 qst200415_msg0025 84 ...Why?
25 qst200415_msg0026 84 I'm getting paid for it. What other reason do I need?
26 qst200415_msg0027 84 Your employers have been caught and judged, by me. There is no paycheck waiting for you. Is that not so?
27 qst200415_msg0028 84 Hey now, aren't you forgetting something?
28 qst200415_msg0029 84 Whatever the reason, once you enter a contract, you have to do the deed. That's the rule, remember?
29 qst200415_msg0030 84 Reputation is everything in this world. Or have you forgotten that too...?
30 qst200415_msg0031 84 It's a shame, seeing as you used to be the one who killed not for pay or glory, but because you liked it so much.
31 qst200415_msg0032 84 Man, people sure can change... Oh yeah, but you're a Blade, right?
32 qst200415_msg0033 84 ...Have you said your piece?
33 qst200415_msg0034 84 Chill out, Percy. This was just a warning.
34 qst200415_msg0035 84 This is what's gonna happen if you keep meddling with our work. Got it?
35 qst200415_msg0036 84 You'd better keep it in mind, Perceval the Pacifist.
36 qst200415_msg0037 84 What a weirdo...
37 qst200415_msg0038 84 Judging by the technique however, he is a capable swordsman.
38 qst200415_msg0039 84 Certainly not a foe to be taken lightly...
39 qst200415_msg0040 84 ...
40 qst200415_msg0041 84 Perceval! Where're you going?!
41 qst200415_msg0042 84 Isn't it obvious...? I'm giving chase.
42 qst200415_msg0043 84 That man cannot remain at large...
43 qst200415_msg0044 84 You're gonna avenge Ellenora, is that it? And alone, again?
44 qst200415_msg0045 84 The man's grudge is against me, and me alone. There is no need for you to get involved.
45 qst200415_msg0046 84 Perceval... This has ceased to be your problem. It's our problem now.
46 qst200415_msg0049 84 One that we must join forces in solving.
47 qst200415_msg0050 84 That's right, Percy! Let us give you a hand!
48 qst200415_msg0051 84 ...Very well.
49 qst200415_msg0052 84 Do as you wish, then.
50 qst200415_msg0053 84 Great! Now that's settled, we should find out more about that mook.
51 qst200415_msg0054 84 It might make sense to task the mercenaries with collecting intel on the Bloody Lobsters.
52 qst200415_msg0055 84 If we can predict their next move, we should be able to stop them with Perceval's aid...