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1 qst200402_msg0001 84 Everything OK? Are you hurt?
2 qst200402_msg0002 84 Y-yes, I mean, no, I mean... I'm fine.
3 qst200402_msg0003 84 Thank you ever so much for your help.
4 qst200402_msg0004 84 Can I just ask, what was their deal?
5 qst200402_msg0005 84 They, ah, came to collect on a loan...
6 qst200402_msg0006 84 One day at work, I accidentally caused a wealthy patron to be injured.
7 qst200402_msg0007 84 They made me cover the medical fees, which put me in significant debt...
8 qst200402_msg0008 84 The person I borrowed from was not a nice man, and the interest kept mounting up...
9 qst200402_msg0009 84 I gave them everything I earned, but still my debt kept increasing.
10 qst200402_msg0010 84 Right, right... That explains why those goons were all over you.
11 qst200402_msg0011 84 If this keeps up, I won't have enough to live on, much less pay them back...
12 qst200402_msg0012 84 I don't know what the point of living is, anymore...
13 qst200402_msg0013 84 Don't talk like that! It sure as hell beats dying, I can tell you that much.
14 qst200402_msg0014 84 Yeah, what Nia said.
15 qst200402_msg0015 84 While there's life, there's hope... Or something like that.
16 qst200402_msg0016 84 It's too soon to give up just yet.
17 qst200402_msg0017 84 Exactly. We'll do what we can to help you repay the debt.
18 qst200402_msg0018 84 You would...? Thank you, oh, thank you!
19 qst200402_msg0019 84 For now, you should probably go home and rest. You're looking a bit pale...
20 qst200402_msg0020 84 OK. If you think that's best...
21 qst200402_msg0031 84 I live close by here. Please, do let me know if you learn anything...
22 qst200402_msg0032 84 Yeah, leave it to us.
23 qst200402_msg0033 84 Thank you, once again... Be well, friends.
24 qst200402_msg0021 84 ...Right. Now then. Shall we ask around about this loan shark person?
25 qst200402_msg0022 84 ...Would you mind waiting a moment?
26 qst200402_msg0023 84 What's up, Perceval?
27 qst200402_msg0024 84 My intuition tells me...
28 qst200402_msg0025 84 ...that this is no simple dispute among civilians. I feel there is more at play...
29 qst200402_msg0026 84 I wish to be part of this investigation.
30 qst200402_msg0027 84 This is quite something, coming from you, Perceval.
31 qst200402_msg0028 84 Why not? Let's split up and search for clues.
32 qst200402_msg0029 84 And once we've asked around, let's meet back up at Ellenora's. OK?
33 qst200402_msg0030 84 Understood.