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1 qst200311_msg0001 84 The Gogol?
2 qst200311_msg0002 84 I did bump into it by the main gate. Literally? No, not literally.
3 qst200311_msg0003 84 Ah, it was fine though. It didn't do anythin', just sorta ran off.
4 qst200311_msg0008 84 If you could find its tracks, you could probably follow 'em easy enough.
5 qst200311_msg0004 84 Mind you, Gogols are timid creatures.
6 qst200311_msg0005 84 They don't normally attack people.
7 qst200311_msg0006 84 I think it's just confused after Tantal's isolation ended and people started digging for salt everywhere...
8 qst200311_msg0007 84 That's probably why it wandered into town all of a sudden.