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1 qst200310_msg0001 84 About the Gogol?
2 qst200310_msg0003 84 It grabbed me suddenly and took me to the roof! The brute!
3 qst200310_msg0004 84 I thought it would be the end of me!
4 qst200310_msg0005 84 It didn't really hurt me though, but still...
5 qst200310_msg0006 84 You know, you'd have thought someone would have got injured, what with all the commotion it caused.
6 qst200310_msg0007 84 Even the building avoided any major damage.
7 qst200310_msg0008 84 Talk about silver linings, huh?
8 qst200310_msg0009 84 Anyway! However you look at it, I hope someone chases the monster away, and soon!