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1 qst200231_0010 82 Impressive, Godfrey.
2 qst200231_0020 82 Huh?!
3 qst200231_0030 82 You have done better than anyone could have hoped.
4 qst200231_0040 82 But... You get it now, don't you?
5 qst200231_0050 82 Just look at all this...
6 qst200231_0060 82 All of it, come to pass because of that girl.
7 qst200231_0070 82 She needed money to save her sick mother.
8 qst200231_0080 82 She chose to do it through the thing that she loved most: dancing.
9 qst200231_0090 82 What I'm saying is, she did the right thing for the right reasons.
10 qst200231_0100 82 But greed was her undoing...
11 qst200231_0110 82 Enticed by a way to make even more money... She caused this.
12 qst200231_0120 82 The justice you believe in so strongly...crumbles so very easily when faced with simple human desires.
13 qst200231_0130 82 People can do terrible things in the name of justice!
14 qst200231_0140 82 Ohhh... Put a sock in it, will ya?
15 qst200231_0150 82 Do you think I'm an idiot? Give me a break.
16 qst200231_0160 82 Blaming all of this on the poor girl? Telling me there ain't no justice?
17 qst200231_0170 82 You are the deluded one.
18 qst200231_0180 82 All of this is your fault, and yours alone!
19 qst200231_0190 82 You are just leading people into disaster for your own amusement!
20 qst200231_0200 82 Heh! All I ever did was to give them a gentle nudge...
21 qst200231_0210 82 I am done talkin' with ya. It's time to put 'em up!
22 qst200231_0220 82 Gird your loins for a nice big taste of steaming justice!